• New air plunger
New air plunger

New air plunger

  • ★Update Version Plunger--- Big sucker can be used in reverse to get more suction ---- with 304 Stainless steel handle,its more durable than other Market.
  • ★Widely Used Toliet Plunger--- Fits all toilet / drain,Kohler,TOTO,American Standard,and all others,with bonus of small heads suit for bath sink ,kitchen sinks
  • ★Easy to Use --- Our air plunger with Humanize handle,and 2 Interchangeable Rubber Plunger Heads.with power of Vacuumize the air inside the clogged pipes to produce a strong air pressure,make you easier and healthier by clearing away tough clogs
  • ★Natural Material --- we use a natural rubber,ABS Material,At Samshow,it's important for us to use materials that are safe to be around the whole family.
  • ★Durable Quality --- Our plungers with Natural Rubber Suction Cup,Stainless Steel Handle,Friendly After Service for You!

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