• Samshow Toilet Plunger
Samshow Toilet Plunger

Samshow Toilet Plunger

  • ★★ Revolutionary Plunger --- Powerful Multi Drain Plunger, Vacuums Air and Reliably Removes Blockages with Powerful Compressed Air,It's the Most Effective Way to Clear Your Clogged Toilet Drains
  • ★★ Widely Used and Easy to Use --- Fits All Toilet,Kohler,TOTO,American Standard,and All Others,with Bonus of Small Heads Suit for Bath Sink ,Kitchen Sinks.
  • ★★ Safety Natural Material --- We Use a Natural Rubber,ABS Material It's Important for Us to Use Materials that Are Safe to Be Around the Whole Family, and Natural Rubber is Tough and Durable.
  • ★★ Principle of Operation --- Vacuumize the Air Inside the Clogged Pipes to Produce a Strong Air Pressure Difference, Water Powerfully Lash the Clogged Things to Achieve the Purpose of Dredging.
  • ★★ Update Version -- with Brand-New Big Pipe, Rust-proof Stainless Steel Humanize Handle.More Power and More Durable,Friendly After Service for You!
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