• Meat Tenderizer and Food Clips Set
Meat Tenderizer and Food Clips Set

Meat Tenderizer and Food Clips Set

  • ✔【 One Sets Two Products Meat Hammer & Food Clip】In order to satisfied more mothers and kitchen lover need and convienence, we launched this kitchenware set that includes meat tenderizer and steak clamp.
  • ✔【 Meat Tenderizer 】The tenderizer is used to loosen the fiber of the meat, making the meat steak softer and softer. Beat the entire steak evenly with a pound of meat. Don't use force, and beat the ribs a few more times.
  • ✔【 Steak Clips 】304 stainless steel anti-corrosion and anti-rust, thick material, weight up to 155g, hollow shovel head, easy to filter juice. Keep the steak and other dishes delicious.
  • ✔【 Material safety 】Our Meat tenderizer needle and BBQ Clip Clamp are made of food grade stainless steel. It can protect all your family health and enjoying more kitchen time.
  • ✔【 Multifunction Food Clips and meat tenderizer tool 】 Steak, barbecue, grilled fish, fried food.
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